Folkbro in lines

FOLKBRO offers life cycle cost analysis (LCC-analysis) consultancy services in all life cycle phases of infrastructure such as bridges, roads, tunnels, etc., and artistic enthusiasts eg. Coating, landmark, lighting and railing.

We help our customers keep the trains in service, wind turbines start when it blows and the hunting plan is ready for mission. We do this by giving full control of what factors affect production and what drives the costs. Simply put, we help companies and governments to find the optimal balance between capacity and cost.

FOLKBRO has the honor to cooperate in the implementation of LCC anayls on the Swedish Transport Administration’s investment department.

We work throughout the product lifecycle, from idea development and procurement to operation and maintenance. To our help, we have methods tested and refined for more than 8 years, and analyzes made using the proprietary, world-leading software suite, infraLCC. For our customers, it means more efficient operation, costs under control, and above all: decisions based on facts, rather than just feelings of stomach.

FOLKBRO is an independent, multidisciplinary company engineer involved in planning, design, monitoring, project management and overall commitments. The company offers a wide range of civil, structural and technical services throughout the lifecycle of infrastructure development. Our goal is to be the leading Nordic company in professional LCC analysis.

Today we have experience from some of the most complex technology projects in Sweden and the world. FOLKBRO contributes every day to overview and well-founded decisions in a variety of industries and for hundreds of leading companies and organizations in 3 locations in Sweden.