LCC analysis of Bridges and Roads

The need to integrate LCC analysis into decision-making processes has been confirmed by contractors and managers of infrastructure worldwide. The Swedish Transport Administration is one of these players who early integrated LCC analysis into rules and routines for planning the management of bridges and roads.

During the course you will gain basic knowledge of LCC analysis in planning, construction and management of infrastructure. Several real case studies are presented where training in using tools such as infraLCC and BaTMan is provided.

Course objectives:

  • Increased knowledge of LCC analysis for investment, operation and maintenance of bridges and roads
  • Knowledge and follow-up of the Swedish Transport Administration’s latest requirements regarding LCC analysis of bridges and roads and how this requirement can be met.
  • Practical knowledge on how to benefit from BaTMan (bridge and tunnel management system) in LCC analysis for bridges
  • Practical knowledge of LCC analysis for real case studies in new investment and maintenance of bridges and roads.
  • Experience in using LCC analysis tool (infraLCC)

This course is an updated version of the course that was given to some specialists at the Swedish Transport Administration in 2012/2013.

Course Content

The course includes lectures, infraLCC in-depth pass, exercises and a project assignment. Theories and methods for LCC analysis in planning, investing, repairing and upgrading bridges and roads. The course deals with applications of LCC analysis in all project stages.
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