LCC-Analysis for Bridges

Throughout Folkbro’s 20-year history, bridges have been one of our primary services. Today we count a number of the world’s highest and longest bridges amongst our most visible accomplishments.

FOLKBRO is an international market leader in bridge engineering. A professional staff committed to finding innovative solutions helps to continue the company’s tradition for designing the world’s most challenging bridges.

FOLKBRO has been involved in hundreds of bridge projects around the world, from some of the world’s longest road and rail spans to modest pedestrian crossings. Some of these are world-class suspension bridges , and equally challenging cable-stayed bridges .

Planning major infrastructure projects such as major fixed links and bridges requires coordinating a large number of technical disciplines. Folkbro offers seamlessly integrated services in all aspects of bridge engineering and other related areas, including roads and railways, environment, traffic planning and operation.

Clients and services
FOLKBRO’s bridge engineering services cover the entire lifecycle of a bridge, from planning and design to operation and rehabilitation or decommissioning.

We work for a wide range of clients, including public clients, donor organisations, private developers and contractors.