Dåva – Gryssjön, Umeå kommun, Västerbottens län

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Project Norrbotniabanan For the establishment of a railway plan with a public road, section Dåva - Gryssjön, Umeå Municipality, Västerbotten County
Between Umeå and Luleå
Principal client is the Swedish Transport Administration, we work as Sub-Consultants with VR-Infrapro Henrik Öhrnell, Managing Director / CEO +46(0)72 213 11 70
June 2017 until today
Assignment lead: Cost estimation, LCC analysis and climate calculation, mass management, and preparation of the basis calculation according to the successive principle. The calculation is updated continuously according to available drawings / spreadsheets. Alternative difference calculations are performed several times to compare possible solutions for multiple objects throughout the project.
Project cost
ca. 1 700 mnkr
Mission statement
Norrbotniabanan, a new single-track railway between Umeå and Luleå, approx. 270 km. Dåva - Gryssjön, approx. 30 km is investigated in the mission. Several railway lines are studied, where each has its location, number and type of construction work. Cost estimation and life cycle cost comparison have been done for several solutions.
Experience from the assignment
Good knowledge of the Swedish Transport Administration's working methods regarding base calculations and calculation PM. Good experience of calculation work and production planning to ensure the quality of the prepared basis calculations and calculation PM.
Link to project
Work samples available