Fixed links have significant impacts on society, and designers are faced with the complicated task of optimising benefits and minimising adverse consequences.
Study results

A feasibility study of a fixed link will typically result in a selection of:

  • alignment
  • structural concepts
  • procurement strategy.

Thus, the main challenges of the study are to:

  • establish a well-founded basis for decisions which takes into account integrated technical, environmental, societal, economical and financial aspects
  • manage the decision process through a systematic and stringent approach with due attention to inherent uncertainties.

Covers all aspects

FOLKBRO is an international market leader in road, tunnel, bridge and marine engineering and offers a comprehensive range of services relating to all aspects of fixed links:

  • management capabilities that are necessary for successful integration
  • a multidisciplinary workforce that covers all the needed engineering and scientific aspects
  • extensive experience from feasibility studies to implementation of large-scale fixed links projects around the world
  • a long-standing tradition for the practical implementation of decision-support models for infrastructure projects to facilitate the decision processes.