Change of open bridge over Almarestäket

Description:  Establishment of road plans and preparation of tender documents and construction site monitoring of exchange
of movable bridges at Almarestäket in Stockholm city”
Trafikverket- Swedish Transport Administration
Project Budget
~ 120 million SEK
Cost-estimation and LCC-analysis responsible
About Project
The open source on road 841 above Almarestäket, on the border between Järfälla Municipality and Upplands-Bro Municipality, will be replaced by a new openable bridge.
The one now used has achieved its technical life and has reduced bearing capacity, which means that heavy traffic can not cross the bridge.
The bridge opens for sea traffic approximately 1,000 times a year and road 841 is operated by around 2,600 vehicles per day. Cyclists must be paired with other vehicle groups because there is no cycle path. Pedestrians can cross the bridge on an approximately one meter wide sidewalk on the south side.
If E18 stops and traffic has to be redirected, the bridge forms part of the diversion network.
When the new bridge is ready, the load capacity will be raised. Road safety for vehicle drivers and unprotected road users will be enhanced by expanding the two lanes for motorways, as well as establishing a walking and cycling track.
Document for project Road 841, change of open bridge over Almarestäket
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